Real-time Tracking

Online, people are Talking, Publishing, Sharing at all times. You don't want to miss out on anything that is being said about your brand, and in today's world, delays can hurt a lot.

Iristrack addresses this well. It captures all mentions about your brand across websites, blogs, Social Media channels, forums and does so in real time.

So, you can see what people are saying about your brand, at any moment, without any delay

Accurate Sentiment Classification

While you might not have the time to go through every mention of your brand, it is extremely important that you keep tabs on the overall sentiment and perception about the brand.

Along with capturing all mentions, we classify them as per the sentiment, status or any other parameter you might want to use. Such classification helps you get a clear view of your brand's perception. For this to work, accurate classification becomes critical and our robust processes ensure over 99% accurate classification of mentions

Business Intelligence Module

Iristrack captures a lot of conversations and this data has a lot of insights to offer.

Our Business Intelligence Module provides you with various filters to look at this data and enables you to extract some valuable Business Intelligence that can then be plugged into the strategy as a crucial input. The CXOs will be blown away by the real Business Intelligence Iristrack provides

Custom Classification Capabilities

So sentiment, status or any other standard classification criterion might not be enough for you. You might ask for mentions to be classified on custom parameters as suited to your business.

Iristrack allows you to do that, and you'll be surprised to see how much more useful and relevant the data becomes once you see mentions classified as per custom values provided by you.

Just for example, imagine how much easier it'll make for retailers if a tool could segregate the Vendor's product related issues from your Service level issues, and send them to the concerned individual to fix.

User Conversation Threads

We've seen that often, talking to your customer means several messages being exchanged between you and him/her. With several customers to handle, it becomes impossible to remember every conversation.

In Iristrack, being well aware of this challenge, we've built the solution right there. The complete conversation thread with the customer is maintained within the original mention and you never get lost

End-to-end Issue Resolution Tracking

It is important to capture all mentions and see what is being said about your brand. But you might want to go a step ahead and participate in those conversations, especially where customers are sharing their grievances. If it were 1-2 mentions a day, it'll probably be manageable, but with increasing numbers, the complexity of managing multiple conversations/issues increases exponentially.

However, with Iristrack, you need not worry about the number of mentions, or the number of stakeholders involved in the resolution processes. With its smart interface, you can manage any number of issues seamlessly, even between multiple users, and track them to resolution


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